About DustinResch.com  [1]

About DustinResch.com

Impertinent Facts:

  • Born, raised, and currently inhabits the Denver, Colorado area.
  • Reads books like other people breathe oxygen.
  • Draws, paints, types, reads, and listens to music on his computer, almost like a real live modern human being.
  • Is losing his hair even faster than he's losing his mind.
  • Will damn well get on Jeopardy some day even if he has to wait till Trebek retires and gets replaced with someone who's not afraid of giant bald heads.
  • Got a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Animation in 2007 from the Art Institute of Colorado, 16 years after the first time he tried taking a college class.  And he's perversely proud of that.

  • Has designed and built more than 200 websites in his long and haphazard career.
  • Starts writing novels in his spare time; refuses to ever finish more than half of one on general principle.
  • Can pick up and throw a regulation-size tennis ball with his toes.
  • Prefers to hone and retain completely pointless skills like that one, or still being able to solve a Rubik's Cube in under 3 minutes, over anything that's actually useful or lucrative.
  • Still sometimes regrets that he gave up the dream of being Jacques Cousteau way back in grade school - he had no idea there would be entire TV networks devoted to stuff like that in his lifetime.